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Workshop in a Bag: Mindful Movements and Every Day Emotions

We have packaged our most popular parent-child workshop, Mindful Movements and Every Day Emotions into a play kit for parents and professionals. This kit is recommended for ages 3-6 years old. Most components in the kit can be used as early as 2 years old.


The workshop in a bag includes:


3 wellness activities sheets:

o       purposeful play for strengthening with no equipment needed

o       breathing activities to help your child calm, perform physically difficult tasks, and to help with bowel and bladder emptying

o       worksheet to help you connect with your child and improve social emotional skills (builds empathy, kindness, understanding emotions) 


Stickers that help your child identify emotions


Kindness bucket with colored papers, crayons, and marker


3 plush animals to use with Mindful movements strengthening activities and breathing exercise


Pinwheel and bubbles to use with breathing exercises


*Free shipping in the US

To order a kit please go to our services tab and select workshop in a bag.

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