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The Team

Sanjana Manek Chuganey and Lena Manek Sahijram are founders and parent coaches at connect 2 kid. They use a 3-step framework to empower parents through the challenges during their children's early childhood years, such as, tantrums, not listening, etc. They launched connect 2 kid in August 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic by combining their skills to create a necessary and helpful tool for parents and caregivers around the world with virtual services. They are based in Orlando, Florida. 


Sanjana focuses on the toddlerhood, preschool and kindergarten stages to help families navigate these critical early childhood years.

She is a professional school counselor and has earned the Youth Mental Health First Aid certificate. She also has experience working in early childhood development centers.



Lena focuses on the following areas: prenatal planning, parent-infant bonding and development, guiding parents with movement milestones (crawling, standing, walking), potty training and encouraging parents of children with special needs.   


Lena is a board certified pediatric physical therapist with extensive training in pediatric motor development. She is also trained in pediatric bowel and bladder issues. She has two children.


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