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The top 3 things I bought when having my second baby that I did not have with my first

Being a more seasoned parent, I knew what baby items I didn't need and what I wanted to do differently the second time around. Some of my goals were: to have less clutter, to start a freezer stash of breast milk before I returned to work, and to save time with cleaning.

Here are my top three picks for my goals.

Item #1 - A crib with changing table and storage attached

Our current crib has 3 drawers under the changing table and one large drawer under the crib area. I keep my baby's clothes, blankets, sheets, and diapering necessities all within reach. This also helps with saving space overall and having less clutter.

Item #2 - The Hakka manual pump

After I was done breast feeding my first child I heard about how I could have used the Hakka pump. I placed it on the side that I was not feeding my baby on to collect milk that would have ended up on a nursing pad. The results: I was able to use that milk to kick start a freezer stash before returning to work!

Item #3 - Quick cleaning steaming bags

For my first baby I used the boiling method to sterilize the bottles and other baby necessities. I did not want to purchase a bulky sterilizer to add another thing to my kitchen counter. This time I did a little research and found the quick cleaning steam bags that allowed me to clean the items in the microwave. It hardly takes up any space and quickly does the job! I used it for bottles, pacifiers, and pump parts. With the bags I bought you can use 1 bag 20 times and place a mark each time you use it to keep track.

Having a baby is such a special time in a family's life! Remember that there are lots of ways to prepare for a new baby. We are here to support you and help you find what works best for you and your family.

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