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Are You a Safe Space for Your Child?

You're child is so cute!"

Instantly you think or say... "If you only knew what my child is really like..."

Do you ever wonder why your child might behave differently around you versus another family member, teacher, etc?

For many parents, including myself, you might experience some undesirable behaviors at home and your child might be more defiant to you. It's normal to become frustrated with this especially when you see that your child behaves well with others.

One thing that always helps me to stay centered, calm and think more clearly when these challenging behaviors show up at home is this concept:

"I am my child's safe space. I am the person she feels comfortable with expressing her emotions, likes and dislikes with. If my child can't feel safe expressing herself to me, who can she feel safe doing this with?"

Sometimes because of stress, anxiety, fear, frustration and other emotions or environmental stressors, we may be showing up in a different way in our parenting than we would like which may be hindering the connection with our child. This is why we believe in the importance of parent's self care and getting parental support.

The parent child relationship is the most complex yet unique relationship ever. One thing we realized during the pandemic is that we cannot control anything around us but we can consciously create that safe space for our children by being that safe space for them during difficult times.

Do you feel that you are being that safe space for your child?

Book a free mini 1-1 with us or contact us on our website with any questions. We are here for you!

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