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connect 2 kid effect

Are you a frustrated parent of a toddler whose tantrums or non-listening challenge you to the max? Are you at a loss of how to handle these challenging behaviors? 

Your mission - Should You Choose to Accept It - is to implement a 3-step framework in 4-weeks so that you can set healthy boundaries, encourage better listening and less tantrums, feel more connected and calm in your approach to build your child's social-emotional skills. 

Imagine feeling empowered and confident during the next tantrum knowing that you can take this moment and turn it from frustration into sweet connection with your child. 

Book a Free 15-minute 1-1 call below to ask questions and see if the connect 2 kid effect program is the right fit. 

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Sanji and Lavi are two sisters who combined their passions for working with children, youth and families. Sanji is a trained school counselor and early childhood professional. Lavi is a pediatric physical therapist and a mom of a 5-year old girl. They were both born and raised on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin and now call Orlando, Florida their home. 

They launched connect 2 kid, an online parent coaching and support platform, when COVID-19 started affecting countries around the world and lockdowns and isolation were the norm. They believe that parents need support for one of the most important jobs in the world - parenting. Children thrive when they feel a sense of belonging and connection to at least one adult. We believe parents can be that champion for their own children. 

The connect 2 kid effect program is a 4-week support program for parents with toddlers and children under 6 years old to help parents with toddler tantrums, toddler non-listening and toddler discipline. 

Our 3-step framework includes: 

1. Understanding Yourself as a Parent 

2. Understanding Your Child

3. Connection in Action (Implementation)


With this framework, we empower parents through a more targeted approach where we focus on one concern at a time.  


To get you into action to have a positive effect on your child, this program includes: 

4 x 30-minute one-on-ones (4 weekly 1-1's)

Weekly personalized action plans 

Unlimited texting support from Sanji and Lavi 


To learn more about them, visit "The Team" tab to find out more about them. 

  • Mini One-on-One

    A taster session
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 1 x 15 minute one-on-one
    • Follow-up mini action plan
    • Only for parents and caregivers new to connect 2 kid
  • One-on-One

    connect 2 kid effect program
    • 1 x 30 minute one-on-one per month
    • Personalized action plan
    • Unlimited instant message support with our team for a month
    • Unlimited access to our exclusive online parent community
  • 4-Week Support

    connect 2 kid effect program
    Valid for one month
    • 4 x 30 minute one-on-ones
    • Personalized weekly action plan
    • Using our 3-step framework for quicker wins
    • Unlimited instant message support with our team
    • Unlimited access to our exclusive online parent community
  • Workshop in a Bag

    Mindful Movements and Every Day Emotions
    Valid for one month
    • activity sheet: purposeful play for strengthening
    • activity sheet:breathing activities to help your child calm
    • activity sheet: connect with your child, social emotional
    • Stickers that help your child identify emotions
    • Kindness bucket with colored papers, crayons, and marker
    • 3 plush animals to use with Mindful movements
    • Pinwheel and bubbles to use with breathing exercises
    • *Free shipping in the US

Here's what parents have to say: 

"I feel comfortable sharing and do not feel judged" - Parent of a toddler and infant

"The session was very insightful. I learnt what my strengths are and where I need improvement. Also that I am not alone in feeling the way I feel and there is support. Receiving the email summary and action plan after our session helped me to reflect and take action which helped create a calm environment during the usually challenging moment." Parent of a 4-year old boy 

"The sessions were definitely helpful! I appreciated the validation and support I got from Sanji and Lavi. Also that I got to try different techniques with my child and appreciated the accountability to see how those things worked out or did not work out." Parent of a 2-year old girl 

"The sessions helped me to understand my child better and that my child is a little one that needs constant guidance. I used to feel as if my child was manipulating me but now I realize that I am her safe space and I communicate to explain things to her so that she understands." Parent of a 3-year old girl

"I am grateful for these conversations with you two because it gives so much realization to me as a first time parent. I have learnt to understand my little one so much more before having a reaction. I have a lot more patience than I expected myself to have." Parent of a 19-month old

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